Our team.

We come from the data platforms at Uber, One Kings Lane, Intuit, and AppDynamics. We’re engineers, scientists, and analysts who think working with data should be easier.

Our team

Kyle Kirwan

Co-founder & CEO

Led the team that built Uber’s metadata tools. Has spent weekends figuring out why there was a wrong number in the dashboard at Friday’s weekly growth team meeting.


Egor Gryaznov

Co-founder & CTO

Led engineering on Uber’s experimentation platform. Designed and built data warehouse management tools at Uber, and Ones Kings Lane. Cut his teeth on Hadoop 0.1.


Our Investors

Jai Ranganathan

VP Product, KeepTruckin. Past: Uber, Cloudera. LinkedIn

Yu Guo, Ph.D.

Head of ML Platform, Uber ATG. Past: AirBnB, Microsoft. LinkedIn

Alex Bahouth

Engineering Leader, Uber Office of the CTO. LinkedIn

Kevin Novak

Angel Investor. Past: Tala, Uber. LinkedIn

Shalin Mantri

GPM, Google. Past: Uber. LinkedIn

Colin Reid

Angel Investor LinkedIn

Thomas Chen

Angel Investor LinkedIn