Do you know when your data is broken?

Detect data quality problems and anomalies automatically. Then fix them before they hit production.

Detect data problems, fast.

Toro monitors your data and tells you when something looks wrong. Every table. Every column. No need to write code or decide what to test for.

Toro inspects your data and recommends monitoring you can enable in one click.

  • Suggests the right metrics based on your data
  • Easily review and enable metrics for any table or column
  • Suggestions update when data changes

We built years of experience identifying and resolving data outages into Toro’s library of data quality metrics.

  • Identifies stale data and ingestion problems
  • Detects problems with event volume or shifts in numeric distributions
  • Validates UUIDs, ZIP codes, phone numbers, and more

Anyone who works with data knows automation has limits. Everything in Toro is customizable so you can monitor every unique aspect of your data model.

  • Edit any metric without writing code
  • Define custom metrics in SQL
  • Configure metrics at scale using our API endpoints
  • Audit history gives you accountability for every change

Keep the whole team in sync

Keep PMs, Marketers, and anyone else in the loop so they can use the data confidently.

All the tools you need to monitor, acknowledge, triage, and root cause from one interface.

  • Alerts inbox shows you what needs attention
  • Built-in charts let you zoom in to see what happened
  • Quickly browse the data catalog to check related data
  • Slice by dimensions like app_version and product_type

Bad data can’t become bad decisions if everyone knows about it.

  • Slack and email notifications keep everyone up to date
  • Notification deep links let you drill down fast
  • Easily mute alerts once you start triaging

The data doesn’t care that you’re on the train, but Toro does.

  • Alerts inbox shows you what needs attention
  • Drill down quickly with built-in charts and data catalog
  • Add or configure monitoring in a few taps

Dead simple deployment

Connect to your warehouse and the monitoring begins.

Connect multiple SQL databases, warehouses, or lakes to Toro in just a few minutes.

  • Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, Presto and more
  • Connect multiple warehouses
  • Performance optimization minimizes load
  • More database connectors coming soon

You don’t have to write a line of code to get great monitoring.

  • Analyzes your data and suggests data quality metrics and thresholds
  • Deploy data quality metrics in one click
  • Update suggested metrics when your data changes

Everything in Toro’s interface is an API, so you can integrate with anything.

  • Plug data quality metrics into Grafana
  • Stop or change jobs in your Airflow DAG
  • Add some 🚨⚠️☢️ emoji to your KPI dashboard

Enterprise security

Working with sensitive data? Keep the security people happy by deploying Toro completely inside your VPC.

What we don’t do:

  • Access to your infrastructure
  • Export your data anywhere
  • Build and redistribute models on your data